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our kessler woods home

"The Akers' residence was designed to be a retreat and a sanctuary in the forest. Starting with the bridge entry sequence accessing a split level foyer, the house transitions--both physically and conceptually--from work to life and from culture to nature. The exterior material choices follow this same transition from heavy to light as the interior spaces change from public to private. The dining room deck was designed to delicately approach the beautiful pecan tree as an expression of respect toward nature and as the final resolution of the balance between culture and nature." - Hammers + Partners

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photo by Trevor Kobrin

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Front of House - West Side


Back of House - East View

Side of House  - South View

Outdoor Room

Landscape on North Side

Dry Creekbed under Entry Bridge

Landscape by Back Door

Backyard Patio


Living Room

Art from Decorazon Gallery

Master Bath







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